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VEX Robotics STEM Labs

VEX Robotics have teamed up with teachers to create STEM Labs, a supplemental educational resource.

VEX created these to support educators with free, easy to follow STEM lesson plans that align with educational standards.

At Kiwibots, we've worked closely with VEX to map these against the NZ Curriculum, making it even easier to integrate.

Each STEM Lab contains hands-on lessons with guided explorations that encourage teamwork and collaboration.


Notes for teachers showing What, How and When to teach

Consistent layout making lesson planning a breeze

Easy to get started, for teachers and students alike


Able to be taught in long or short formats and settings

Pacing guides included to show teachers the implementation process

Easy to access through webpage, PDF and Powerpoint


Opportunities for students to listen to, share with, and learn from their classmates

Engaging hands-on activities that have real-world applications

Reach diverse interests through builds, games and competitions

Links to VEX STEM Labs
NZ Curriculum, Hangarau Matahiko and NCEA Alignments

Our role here at Kiwibots is to help educators with their work in sharing the love of STEM and inspiring a lifelong passion. 

To help out with your lesson planning, we  have all of the STEM Labs mapped to the relevant year levels so that you can quickly see if a certain STEM Lab will fulfil the Progress Outcomes you're after, or how much that Lab can support various Achievement Standards.

These are available for free - simply click the link below to download and see the mapping. 

If you are unsure about which VEX Product group best suits your students, check out the Curriculum Map for all VEX products that outlines all of the year levels and where they overlap.

No problem - check out the Online STEM Learning Resources by VEX below that include activities for students and teachers on VEXcode VR, virtual tours of science institutes, links to international learning platforms and more

Anybody in New Zealand (teacher, coach, parent, anyone!), can gain VEX Certification online, opening up access to a growing global community of users and resources in many Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).

The VEX Certification System is available to all users at no cost and VEX and the REC Foundation have compiled many resources to help people gain their certification.

The VEX Certification System demonstrates to other educators (and volunteers) that VEX certified educators understand the fundamentals of using and implementing VEX Robotics. The VEX Certification System also allows REC Foundation volunteers to demonstrate competency in various aspect of running a REC Foundation event.

In addition to the lessons in the training courses, users will also have the opportunity to take practice exams, ensuring that they are completely prepared for the certification exam

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