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Keeping Kiwis safe - Kiwibots events at 'Delta 2'

Over the last year and a half, we have had the privilege of running in person and online events for the community as we change between Alert Levels on this pandemic rollercoaster.

A huge thanks to all of our community for being so understanding and adapting to the systems we've been putting in place to help prioritise everyone's safety. The new habit of RSVPing and checking in on arrival has helped immensely in the last few lockdowns, allowing us to work directly with MOH to quickly contact trace and communicate with attendees.

With the restrictions changing for the current Delta variant, we've updated our protocols to reflect the extra measures we will be implementing to ensure event safety for the Kiwibots community.

Please read the information below carefully.


Capacity and Registration

With indoor events being limited to 50 participants and spectators, RSVP-ing individual attendance via prior to the event will be mandatory. Entry may be denied to unregistered individuals who walk-in on the day.

A volunteer will be at the venue entry point to assist with this checking in too.

Many regions may now also host multiple events on a single day by splitting IQ and VRC - so please check our events page carefully so that you register for the correct scrimmage.

Read the event details - some events may limit how many teams from an organisation, or how many ākonga/students per team, may attend.

If you incorrectly register for an event, please let us know at or email your Regional Coordinator so we can remove you from the incorrect event and free up a space.

Checking in on our system is compulsory and additional to the government issued QR COVID-19 scanning system. This is because we recognise many students may not have their own personal devices and are legally required to keep our own records.


Once again, please make sure you read the information on the Kiwibots Events page carefully, as regions may host multiple scrimmages at different venues, different rooms within a venue (e.g. Gym and the Hall), or at different times.

As many venues do not allow for events at Level 2, please be prepared that venues may change to those that can host events and visitors at Level 2. If you have already registered to an event and the venue changes, our team will endeavour to let you know with plenty of warning.

Venues will have a single entry point to help manage sign-ins and ensure we stay within capacity limits.

Event Hygiene and Safety

Things are going to look a bit different at Delta 2.

Some things stay the same though - do not attend an event if you are showing any cold or flu-like symptoms, get tested and let us know you will not be attending so we can remove you from the RSVP list. Remember to regularly wash your hands, avoid touching your face and sneeze or cough into your elbow.


Kiwibots event volunteers (Regional Coordinators and any additional volunteers critical to event support, referees, Tournament Manager tech, etc.) will be wearing Kiwibots teal shirts and face masks for all events at Delta 2.

Volunteers for events will be staying in a volunteer capacity for the event, and should not be a general supporter that between matches offers to help reset the field and 'change roles'. This is due to event volunteers not coming within the 50 person capacity. If you would like to offer to volunteer for an event, please contact your Regional Coordinator prior to the event.

Mask Wearing

Mask-wearing is not compulsory at Delta 2 for our attendees (non-volunteers), however in line with the Ministry of Health guidelines, we do strongly recommend them for individuals aged 12 and over given the number of teams from across the region in attendance, and possible difficulties with physical distancing in some venues.


There will be hand sanitisers available at entry to the venue and at the match fields. Please feel free to bring your own hand sanitiser as well.

Shared surfaces such as trestle tables, high-touch areas and Kiwibots devices etc. will undergo a pre- and post- event sanitisation.

Please be prepared to assist with this as Regional Coordinators may ask each team to help with wiping down their team's trestle table/workspace at the beginning and end of each event. Teams may wipe down their tables more frequently throughout the event if they wish, simply ask the Regional Coordinator for the sanitising spray.


If you have any questions about the updated Delta 2 protocols for events, please feel free to get in touch with us directly at

Events will not take place at Level 3 or higher, and we are reviewing how new Alert Levels impact our major events, so please do stay tuned as we work through these difficult times.

We can't wait to safely put events back on for our Kiwibots kids, and thank you all for being so understanding as we find ways to navigate how to get events back for you all.

Kia kaha Aotearoa!

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1 Comment

Sep 22, 2021

Noting that as of Wednesday 22nd September, Delta 2 has been increased to allow for <100 people for indoor venues, and our protocols have been reflected as such.

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