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Design Notebooks

Good Morning Everyone,

We have just had a definitive decision from VEX res the Design Notebooks.

Over the last eighteen months NZ has been trialing online design notebooks. We asked if this was acceptable and the reply was:

yes, but they would not qualify for the 5 points for a bound book and they wouldn't qualify for the 5 points for a hand written notebook.

As most winners at the worlds win by a couple of points the net result is do your design notebooks in a bound book and by hand.

you are allowed to put in CAD drawings, photos etc and it should be produced by more than one student. ie a team effort.

The note book should be a progressive document with pages dated to show

  1. the design process,

  2. thoughts and ideas,

  3. the physics and technology involved,

  4. what worked and what didn't,

  5. why it didn't,

  6. the modification and testing etc.

The VEX design notebook, in the welcome kit, has some exemplar pages in the beginning if a team is getting started.

At each scrimmage there will be volunteers who can give advice on how well you are doing so please feel free to ask

NZ is not strong overall on design notebooks. It would be great to have some strong submissions this year

I hope this clarifies some things




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Our Values



"With the help of others we can reach further"

These days 'who you know' is as important as 'what you know'.
The Kiwibots and their sponsors are looking for people that are team players, they discourage teams-of-one.
A team will outperform a single person and they will be able to get involved in everything that the VEX competition has to offer.
The Excellence Award in New Zealand is out of reach of teams-of-one! 

Gracious Professionalism

Being gracious in victory is sometimes more difficult than defeat. While the events are competitive, all team members are prepared to assist other teams so they can perform at their best.

Good Luck to all this season! 

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