Preparing for V5

As we get closer to having the new control system for the VEX High School program, V5, available in New Zealand questions will start to arise on how it all works and how to get it going. This page and others under it will be created as we move forwards to help you find the answers we have as quickly as possible.

The 2018 New Zealand VRC nationals and events leading up to it will be Cortex only.

For the Full Shout Out on this please read this acticle

Our Sponsors

Our Values



"With the help of others we can reach further"

These days 'who you know' is as important as 'what you know'.
The Kiwibots and their sponsors are looking for people that are team players, they discourage teams-of-one.
A team will outperform a single person and they will be able to get involved in everything that the VEX competition has to offer.
The Excellence Award in New Zealand is out of reach of teams-of-one! 


Gracious Professionalism

Being gracious in victory is sometimes more difficult than defeat. While the events are competitive, all team members are prepared to assist other teams so they can perform at their best.

Good Luck to all this season! 

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Mob: 09 213 2874